Content Guidelines

General Guidelines

Mocha Lifestyle offers users the opportunity to contribute different types of content, including reviews, photos, videos, events, and more.  Around here we model the Golden Rule and encourage kindness above all else. However, we understand that having guidelines will hopefully encourage others to follow our example, especially when it comes to contributing content to the site.

Please read the following:

Inappropriate and unacceptable content: Your momma is not on standby with a bar of soap ready to wash out that mouth of yours, so in that regard your colorful language may fly. But what doesn’t fly are threats, harassment or lewdness. This space is also a hate-free zone, which means keep your hate speech and other bigoted and racist displays to yourself or at your momma’s house – definitely not here.

Keep it Real: Your contributions should be unbiased, objective and REAL. Listen, don’t write ghost reviews for your own business or ask your momma and sister to say good things about you. We hope they would, but for the purpose of this community the goal is for other women of color to find confirmation from other women of color who have been actual patrons of your businesses to validate their experience. in addition, you should refrain from writing reviews about your competitors or encouraging others to do the same because really how objective will you be in that scenario? Let’s keep it classy, let’s keep it kind and most importantly let’s keep it real.

Make it Make Sense: With the purpose of the Mocha Lifestyle community firmly in mind, please ensure that what you contribute is relevant to what the platform is about. We recognize that you may not want to spend money where employees are being mistreated or where a company’s values and actions are on the wrong side of the human rights matters that are important to you. However, this is not the forum to put someone on blast because they are cheating on you or some unrelated issue that doesn’t have a relevant impact on the consumer experience that other users have come to this community seeking.

Mind Your Business: Please respect the privacy of others. Do not publicize other people’s private information including close up photos and videos of other patrons, full names (unless they are service providers who commonly share their own full names or are commonly identified by their full names), or contact information without their permission. Bottom line, if it’s not your information, then don’t share it.

Don’t Be Big Red: Your review is not the opportunity to proverbially hang a business upside down over the balcony as a way to seek payment. Asking for a refund to resolve a negative consumer experience is one thing, leveraging the posting or removal of your review in an attempt to shake out them coins from a business is another.

Promotions: We want to celebrate Business Owners who celebrate us. But if you’re not adding promotional content to the profile page for your business or you’re not being featured in one of many spotlight opportunities, then promotional content is typically not welcomed elsewhere unless you were invited.

It’s Not Yours:  Your reviews, photos and videos should be – drumroll please…YOURS. Do not take someone else’s intellectual property and attempt to pass it off as your own. Let’s not be that person.